Monday, February 17, 2014

funny Videos - Great Source For Humor Therapy!

Are you in a point in your life where you feel consistently blue? Even the most cheerful soul goes through a period where he or she feels depressed. Watching Funny videos will help you put back the spring in your steps.

A lot of people have actually benefited from watching videos that made them laugh real hard. There are websites such as "Not Romantic" where you can get to watch videos that are created in order to make the viewers laugh.

It is no secret that a lot of individuals have actually made a career of getting stressed out! The entire planet knows that laughter is truly therapeutic because having a good laugh will make you feel much better…instantly!

Advantages of Laughter:
* Helps reduce blood pressure
* It is TOTALLY free of charge
* Helps stimulate the release of the body's endorphins (also known as "happy hormones") which is the natural pain-killing medicine of the body
* Provides a pure feeling of well-being
* Enhances the body's immune system functions, this is simply because it boosts the level of infection-combating T-cells
* Boosts the levels of disease-battling proteins also referred to as "Gamma-interferon"
* Lowers the body's stress levels
* Has absolutely no single side effects
* It pulls down barriers and help individuals get along better
* Enhances your physical appearance
* Helps relax tense muscles
* It is anti aging

Laughter is universal, no one laughs in a different language! Funny videos helps you laugh off your problems can also make you feel pretty safe and secure. It is a lot easier to smile and laugh. It takes real effort to frown, it is also important for ladies to note that scowling automatically adds a whole decade (10 years) to one's look and not to mention that it also makes one look really ugly! At sites like Not Romantic, you have the opportunity to watch really hilarious videos that will crack your ribs.

How to Release Your Stress

* You can start by sharing the funny stories you watched with family members, co workers and close pals; by doing this, you will feel the stress and tension leave you. You will also get to strengthen the relationship with your family and friends. Sharing the stories you watch can also help you to improve your communication skills too, it takes a really good storyteller to convey a funny story and also make the listeners laugh.

* Watch funny videos on websites such as Not Romantic that you can count on to make you laugh.

Not everyone can afford to buy the tickets to attend comedy shows or visit comedy clubs. With the internet, you do not need to leave the comfort of your home. You will notice that you will spend a lot of time at a site that has videos that makes you laugh; you will always look forward to visiting the site.

You can even be the first person to put together a humor meeting maybe once a week in your apartment or at your place of work, where you invite friends and co workers to watch funny videos. You are never fully dressed without wearing a smile!

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